Little Shemogue Inn photo

A Moving Story

Built in 1859 by one of the first families to settle in the Botsford Parish, the house that would later become the Little Shemogue Inn was located on a grassy knoll about 1.5 miles from its present location.

The original setting for the home

Eager to take advantage of the ocean view, the owners embarked on a project to move the house from its original site to its present-day home on Shemogue Harbour. The house was moved in one piece on a specialized truck.

The most challenging aspect of the move was transporting the house across the narrow bridge en route to the site. The house made it — with barely a hand's width to spare!

Once installed in its new location, the house began to take on the trappings of an inn. A sun room and sun-catching dormers were added. The outside was refinished and painted. A wooden deck completed the project.

New siding

Renovation nearing completion

Loading the Little Shemogue Inn onto a truck

Narrowly squeezing by the guard-rail...

Cradled by woodlands and sheltered by Shemogue Harbour, this historic inn boasts a spectacular view and a pristine natural setting. The owners have completely refurbished the Inn's interior, maintaining its rich heritage while creating a comfortable home for visitors and guests.